Attending Worship Here for the First Time?

This Sunday, September 10th, the program year at First United Church of Christ (Congregational) really gets going, so we want all people to feel at home in worship, as part of our core mission is to make faith community accessible to all people who seek God's love in their lives.

When and Where We Worship: The central event of church is Sunday morning worship. We have two worship services--a smaller, 45-minute worship service starting at 8 AM in the Chapel (18 West Main St.) and the larger, ~60-minute Sanctuary service at 10 AM, with nursery care and Sunday school during worship. The Chapel and Sanctuary stand next to the lower Duck Pond, across the river from each other, opposite Milford City Hall.

Introducing Yourselves & Coffee Hour: If you are new to our worshipping community, introduce yourself to an usher (a person handing out programs) and they can help give you directions, answer questions, or find someone else who can help. After worship we also invite you to introduce yourself to a pastor as you leave or if you go to coffee hour immediately following worship in the lower level's Fellowship Hall.

Expectations for Worship: The pastors like to say, as is a long-standing United Church of Christ tradition, that "no matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here!" Expect a friendly and lively community of people in worship. Expect worship to be a joyful experience of praise, prayer, and critical reflection on the Good News of the Christian faith through a Bible reading each Sunday. Expect to be invited, if you are able, to stand for prayers and singing; expect joyful noise from a majority of the people in worship singing songs from our hymnals, as well as our choirs singing a song or two (at 10 AM). We have no dress code for people simply worshiping on Sunday mornings--some people dress up and others dress more casually.

Worship-Time Ministries for Children (10 AM worship): If you have children whom you wish to have attend Sunday school, children and youth (3-year-olds through 7th graders) will be invited to go to Sunday school rooms about 20 minutes into the 10 AM service--usually after the children's story. The rooms for Pre-K through 3rd graders are in the lower level of the building (as well as the nursery, which is available throughout the service for 0-2 year olds). Sunday school rooms for 4th-7th graders are in the Plymouth Building, across the bridge from the front of the Sanctuary.

Parents/guardians are asked to walk with their child to their Sunday school room the first time they attend, and to pick up a brief registration form for the adult to fill out and return. We abide by the safe conduct policy of having two unrelated adults present in or near every Sunday school group.

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