Junior Pilgrim Fellowship

Junior Pilgrim Fellowship (JPF) is an active service and fellowship group for our middle schoolers (6-8th graders). The group meets on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8pm in the Plymouth Building, West Wing. Leader Kelsey Gamble, along with advisors and parent volunteers, guide the group through discussions, activities, games and service. 


Junior PF helps to foster faithful living, friendships and a deep sense that First Church is a safe and welcoming place. The advisory team crafts great programs empowering youth for service in their church community and the larger community. There will be several opportunities for members to participate in activities that benefit the community, as well as a retreat weekend  at Silver Lake Conference Center in Sharon, CT and other outings and events that youth would definitely say, "Rock!" Ask to be on our mailing list!

We look forward to incorporating the Formed & Reforming theme into our time together!

To contact Kelsey, please email: faithformationminister@firstchurchofmilford.org

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