Senior Pilgrim Fellowship

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship (Senior PF) is First Church's open and inviting high school youth ministry and fellowship group (9th-12th graders). For fall of 2020, we'll be meeting both online and in person (if local, state and church guidance allow). Adult leadership for this program is provided by our Associate Paster and volunteers.  We typically meet in the Plymouth Building West Wing, but we will see how this interesting fall evolves and keep you posted on locations!

Programs include small group gatherings, discussion groups, games, group-building activities, Christmas Caroling, service projects, mission trip preparation and much more.

SrPF helps to foster faithful living, supportive community, fellowship and service based on our deep sense that First Church is a safe and welcoming place. Particularly for this program year we are focused on Supporting our Youth and Families.

To learn more about how SrPF will work for Fall 2020, please Click Here!

To contact any of the advisors email:

Thank you to those who volunteered and who donated at the Food Drive!


Nov 8 -- Service Day--Take Care of Creation & Our Neighbors.  Two shifts for outdoor projects in small groups. 

Early Shift (after 8 AM Worship); Less Early Shift (after 10 AM Worship). Bring gloves & a rake (if you have them), a mask and a water bottle.

Parents are welcome to join, and please rsvp with them.

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Confirmands--Join us for 8 AM worship or [10 AM YouTube Worship.]

Confirmation 2 Worship Notes Form

Nov. 15 - Catharsis! Bring a piece of porcelain/glass that you can break.



Online Registration for SrPF/Confirmation 2

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