Senior Pilgrim Fellowship

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship (Senior PF) is First Church's open and inviting high school youth ministry and fellowship group. All youth in grades nine through twelve are invited to participate in our regular weekly meetings, which usually take place on Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in Plymouth Building West Wing (new this year) throughout the school year, with some additional programs in the summer.

Wrapping up the Program Year &
Getting Ready for Mission Trip to Houston, Texas

Karen Schlabach ( writes:
What is the Purpose of Youth Ministry?
It strikes me that these are all things that are done, no matter the size of your congregation:

  • Youth ministry is vital to helping teens integrate into the larger, intergenerational community of the church.
  • Youth ministry resists the status quo, helping the church stay relevant.
  • Youth ministry focuses on inviting those who are not already part of the church into the deeper narrative of God's plan.
  • Youth ministry reminds the church that teens are not marginalized members of the body, but co-creators and conspirators in the divine work of the church.
  • Youth ministry helps the church focus on the way of Jesus, which goes beyond tradition, dogma, and work.

We keep these in mind as we plan to celebrate our year together and our graduating seniors. Hayley Byers, Dana Edmondson, Will Mauro, Kyle Shugrue and Abby Smith will graduate soon, along with Lydia Charron, and the SrPF wishes them well as they discern their next moves. We have enjoyed some wonderful times with them, even as they fit school, extra-curriculars, jobs and application processes into their schedule with youth group. Join us in offering special blessings for these folks.

Mission Trip Preparations continue. Half of our group is traveling on June 23 and half on June 24. We are busy making connections to get logistics planned—like bedding and food, and schedules—like what are some can't miss opportunities that make this destination special? We will commission the Team on June 17 at the 10 AM worship service. And we will post return time social media on June 30 with the ETA in the late evening, for those who want to welcome us home at the Church Parking Lot.

SrPF Schedule June/July/August
June 3—Celebration 5-8 PM Walnut Beach—Hooray Seniors
June 10—Mission Trip Meeting 6:00 PM MANDATORY!
June 17—Commissioning 9:30 AM Worship
June 23,24—Leave for Houston
June 30—Return Home
July 8—Mission Trip Re-Group (back Plymouth Lawn) Cook Out & families welcome
TBA Hang Out Evenings
August 13—Evening Planning!
August 18—Oyster Festival Parking Lot (8:45 AM-5:45 PM)--need volunteers!

Become a Mission Trip Sponsor--See Attachment! 

We appreciate sponsors:

RD Scinto
Cortney Honda of Milford
The Jay Brothers Mission Trip Scholarship Fund,
and our generous church Community: Christian Education, Deacons, Women's Fellowship, Outreach & Music Ministries


Mission Trip Ways to help

1. Pray for us.
2. Sponsor a meal.
3. Write a thank you to the churches who will host us!
4. Any $ donations to SBP for building supplies or tools are welcome. (any amount)
5. Be a Sponsor--$200, $500 & $1000 see the website for more information or send Rev. Ashley an inquiry message: 

Mission Trip Re-Group—July 8 at 6PM Campfire & Cookout on back Plymouth Lawn. This is an important opportunity to reflect and re-connect after our intense week of service.

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On Our Way!!!!

7300 pounds for Saver's Drive; Inspiring meeting with Rosa DeLauro; 120 delicious breakfast sandwiches; Spring Break & Mohegan Sun Trip & Making Up [ more ]

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