Stewardship 2010 (click to enlarge)

Besides the Deacons and Trustees, there are several other ministry teams that engage consistently in the work and mission of the church:

The Christian Outreach Ministry ministers to those in need in our Church, in the community and in the world.  We work to share the resources of our Church to extend God's love to others through our Food Pantry Ministry, partnership with welfare agencies, and ministry with the UCC and Church World Service.  Learn more about our many care ministries...(more)

The Stewardship Ministry organizes the pledge drive that is the primary source of funding for the missions and programs of the church.  Members and friends are encouraged to give to God's work out of thankfulness and from the heart, and we trust in God to provide for our needs. 

The Christian Education (Faith Formation) Ministry seeks to discern our calling and practice of discipleship and to help others do the same.  We work all year to provide opportunities for faithful learning and formation to all ages of First Church's membership and friends.  Continuing our Christian Formation and practicing our discipleship manifests in caring ministries such as participating in the Beth-El Center Walk for the Homeless; organizing a sock drive; organizing The White Gift Mission with the Christian Outreach Committee; carrying out Mission Trips, and much (more).    

The Personnel Committee fosters constructive communication between the congregation and staff, implements the church's responsibility for the professional well-being of its staff, reviews their ministry and work, recommends compensation each year, and is represented in search committees.

The Memorials Subcommittee of the Trustees is responsible for overseeing and distributing those donations given to the Memorial Fund.  The Committee acknowledges gifts given to the Church and sees to it that the names of those remembered are inscribed in the Memorial Book.  The Committee also oversees the maintenance and use of the Memorial Garden.

In order to serve on these committees, a person must have become an official member of the church, which takes place either when one is confirmed or after one decides, having worshipped here for a period of time and attending a First Church 101 session, that you want to publicly avow your faith and participation in the church's ministries.  First Church 101 sessions are publicized on this website.

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