Sojourners Haven Transitional Apartment

Sojourners' Haven is the name of a two-bedroom, furnished apartment that First Church uses as transitional housing for families in need.  For over 25 years, First Church has given families shelter and the time to build up finances, job training and life skills.  The Sojourners Haven committee, a sub-committee of Christian Outreach, has worked in the past with Milford's Beth El Center and other social service agencies in town works with a family that is trying to make the move from the shelter to permanent housing in the community.   We have relied on donations and proceeds from the church's biennial Incredible Auction to furnish and maintain the apartment.

In recent years the Sojourners' Haven and Christian Outreach Committees have resettled two refugee families at different periods and two different local families in the apartment.  First Church is currently seeking committed volunteers and allies from faith communities across Milford in addition to people from our own church to work with a local family starting in Spring 2016.  Please contact the church at 203.877.4277 if you are interested in volunteering with our transitional housing ministry.

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