First Church has two Youth Ministry groups that meet most Sunday evenings 6:30-8:00 PM.

   Junior Pilgrim Fellowship

   Senior Pilgrim Fellowship

Youth Ministries 2017-2018 Hopes

It takes a village. Every step of the nurture and formation of our young people calls our community into ministry opportunities. We need to set up each stage of development with the care and compassion and challenge of men and women –young and old—from those among us. We do this, keeping in mind the BIG PICTURE of raising up God's people into the faith and family of God's church.

Where We Need Support
All volunteer positions are important. After these are all filled, and as we live into God's forming and reforming work, then we will revisit that Big Picture. For now in this exciting 2017-2018 program year, here are our priority needs:

6th & 7th grade Sunday School Room Parent, coordinating other adults who will commit to individual sessions with the youth. (10 Adults to offer a session)

Confirmation 1 & 2 Advisors: 2 men & 2 women for each, to help with conversations and encouragement, along with following safe church guidelines of 2 non-related adults, attending events with minors.

• Junior Pilgrim Fellowship Advisors—Our Youth Ministry to 6th-8th graders is our biggest priority of need at this moment, as there are currently no advisors in line for next year. Advisors attend meetings and events and help with leadership when called upon. With the guidance of a Faith Formation Minister assuming the lead, this will be a special opportunity to provide a strong base of support for the beginning of an important formation developmental stage. 3 Advisors are needed (Male or Female)

• JPF Parent Assistants: Fill in when needed for Safe Church purposes; to host events off campus for up-building of the youth's sense of community; and lead fundraising events and fun raising events such as: dinners, clothing drives, share talents and professional gifts. (goal: 25% of parents of youth)

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship Advisors: This youth group affords First UCC a unique ministry to connect with our 9th-12th graders as they gain clarity on their faith identity and understand their spiritual gifts. This youth ministry, like the JPF ministry, requires an elaborate community of influence and support. Currently we have: Mark, Pete, Craig, Jeff, Tom, Michele & April, Morgan, Hayley and Genny on board for this year, including our young adult mentors who might be away from Milford for educational purposes during parts of the year. We need 2 Adult Female Advisors.

SrPF Parent Boosters: 6 Boosters (Male or Female) needed who will help guide our preparation efforts for the next mission trip, including fundraising.

SrPF Parent Specials: 3 Adults (Male or Female) needed to lead special sessions/events like a "Freeze Out" overnight or other "Get Outs," which help the group to support members who have extra-curricular activities/events that SrPFers could attend (ex. a play, a game, a meet, a new job). (goal: 25% of parents of youth helping in some way)

Youth Ministry Anchors: 16 Needed Adults in the church who will pray for the youth and advisors, send support cards, occasionally check in or send cookies. These should be adults not connected directly with the youth/advisors immediate families.

Young Adult Ministry: This group is for post high school people. We would love 1 Adult Advisor (Female), helping to organize activities and maintain connections with these folks. Mark Byers currently heads up this leadership. An empty-nester or a millennial would be a good fit as an advisor.

Stretch to Meet the Need
It is a lot to take in!

A great procession of Nursery Helpers, Sunday School Teachers and Youth Advisors go before us. Every stage of this early Christian development offers valuable opportunities for mature people of faith to step up for God and God's children. Filling these needed positions will help us to form/reform a vital and effective ministry with & for the gifted and good-hearted youth in our community. Don't be afraid to say, "I want to help, but don't know exactly where you need me!" We will find a good fit with God's help.

To learn more about specific opportunities, speak with Rev. Ashley. Youth Ministries at First UCC Milford works hand in hand with Faith Formation Ministry to provide the best & safest ministry practices for our community. srpfmilford@gmail.com

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