2017 Mission Trip Blog

July 2 - 7, 2017 --  This year we traveled to Wall Township, New Jersey to work with St Bernard Project, re-building homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 ... that's right, almost 5 years ago.

Picture Post 2016

We're having a great time. Enjoy our photo safari of the journey so far! (Thanks to Tom Kuryla and Craig George for sharing their photos!) [ more ]

Mission Trip 2016: My Perspective

Check out this blog entry by Tyler Stein! [ more ]

San Marcos 2016: We made it! (And it's awesome!)

Sunday, June 26-Monday, June 27 - Watch out Texas, we've arrived! Our flight out Sunday morning was quite a moving experience. We greatly appreciated the support of our families, as we drove away to our adventure. After arriving at the airport, we hopped in the line (yes, there was still a line), and sleepily made our way ... [ more ]

Angels Among Us

It has been difficult this year without our beloved, Jay Brothers. We are missing his energy, and passion for the group, among many other qualities. Craig noticed it first. It seemed to blend in with the rest of the stained glass design at first, but once you notice it, our bird was hard to forget. An elegant, fierce, majestic dove rests a top the sanctuary's stained glass window ... [ more ]

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