A Psalm for Lent

A Psalm for Winter
by E.J. Weber*

Bitter days have frozen my heart.
My faith has worn old,
as a used mitten or scarf.
All my hopes are unraveling.

Speak to me in the words of my youth,
but counsel me with a new tongue,
for long repetition
has robbed them of true meaning.

My longing for your grace
is like a hymn I have forgotten.
My passion to live a worthy life,
an echo in my distracted thoughts.

Unthaw my heart, O God.
Knit up the frayed edges
of my belief
and make me fit for warmth again.

Only you can determine the passing of the season.
You give and you take
what we wish to hold on to:
the memories of joy, the moments of sadness,
the light of the eye
and the darkness of slumber.

You began all things,
and you will bring all things to a close.
Even as we wander, lost and cold,
your lovingkindness shines a way home.

* a church member who has a passion and gifts for writing and expressing her faith

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