Funerals & Memorials

The Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving is our response to the death of a family member.  This service can take place in the Church, in a funeral home, in a home, or at graveside. The pastors and the sanctuaries of First Church are available to families in the community as well as members and friends of the Church. When a funeral service takes place in our sanctuary, we have volunteers who will help to organize a reception in our Fellowship Hall so that friends and family can gather for comfort and support.

The Memorial Garden of the First United Church of Christ is a place of devotion and beauty set aside for memorial services, the scattering of ashes, meditation, communion services, Bible study, and other worship services. Set in the shadow of our Woodruff Chapel, it is above all a place to honor the memory of loved ones. The Memorial Garden is governed and maintained by the Memorials Committee of First Church, and it is available to all members and past members of the Church and their families.

To speak with a minister regarding a Service of Rememberance, contact us through the Church Office.

To help you with pre-funeral planning and to understand common funeral and memorial service terms, you may download the forms below:

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