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What Are People For?

July 2, 2017--In the first of five summer sermons, Rev. Adam begins to ask what people are FOR from a Christian perspective, using both the high school youth group's mission trip and the upcoming 4th of July to reflect on how we are created to respond to God's love for us. [ more ]

God's Y'All

May 7, 2017--Rev. Adam preaches to the young adults being confirmed and to all those present about what it means to live as members of God's Y'all, based on what we're told are the practices of the very first Christian community and the long religious tradition of y'all-ness leading up to that moment. What are the implications for today when we accept God's claim on us to be part of God's y'all? All y'all are welcome to read and listen to this sermon!  [ more ]

The Good Clues (Easter 2017 sermon 1)

April 16, 2017, 9:00 a.m. service--Rev. Adam and the congregation follow Mary Magdalene as she tracks down where the body of Jesus has been laid, and the way that God breaks through the sting of Mary's sorrow through the resurrection. Get out your magnifying glasses and help us investigate what God is doing on the original Easter morning! [ more ]

Happy Blue Baloney But Bingo Blurt! (Easter 2017 sermon 2)

April 16, 2017, 11:00 a.m. Service--Replacing the holiday's traditional name with the alliterative title, Rev. Adam explains how God's glorious power of the resurrection is met that first time with a variety of responses which parallel our own reactions today, and that the church gathers people from across the spectrum of responses to journey together. [ more ]

King for a Day (Palm Sunday '17)

April 9, 2017--What crowns do we care about? What authority do we bow down to and shout out to for salvation? Rev. Adam reflects on God's love on Palm Sunday to offer us power based on sacrifical love instead of violence and coercion.  [ more ]

Discipline of Neighborliness

Preaching on parts of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Rev. Adam lifts up for disciplines or practices to fulfill God's call to us as neighbors: trust in God; self-reflection, humility, and mercy. [ more ]

Animal House

January 22, 2017--Rev. Adam preaches on First Corinthians 1:10-18, proclaiming with the help of our Confirmation 2 young adults that no matter what our human or pet allegiances may be, God rules over all human powers and institutions and binds us as one living family through Christ. [ more ]

Have No Fear

December 24, 2017--At Christ's birth, God shares a peaceful love that casts out fear. [ more ]

Disciplines to Disarm a Divided Nation

November 13, 2017--On the first Sunday after the 2016 general election, Rev. Adam preaches on six Christian disciplines God offers us to put away our spiritual swords and participate in much-needed spiritual healing that our time requires. [ more ]


October 23, 2016--Where is God? That's what the people wonder.
If you are wondering where God is, then 1. You obviously believe in God; therefore God must be somewhere.
2. You aren't feeling God is too close, if you are asking.
Or, 3. You think that whatever is happening in your immediate situation would be different, if God were here. Since it is not, where is God? [ more ]

Where We Go From Here

July 17, 2016--On the last Sunday before the Sanctuary's origami cranes "fly away", Rev. Adam preaches on Jeremiah, birds, Hansel and Gretel, and God's grace in a world filled with violence and chaos. [ more ]

Endures All Things

July 10, 2016--On the Sunday after African-American men had been shot to death in separate incidents and five caucasian Dallas police officers were killed after a peaceful protest, Rev. Adam continues his sermon series on fairy tales by connecting the endurance of the Hebrew people, Cinderella, and the American people today and lifting up God's love for all people. [ more ]

Out There

July 3, 2016--Rev. Adam kicks off a summer sermon series that integrates fairy tale references with interpretation of Scripture with engagin results. In this first sermon. we hear about the dangers of going into the world--"out there"--in fairy tale plots; in the case of disciples whom Jesus sends out to proclaim the Good News in Galilee; and in our case, today. [ more ]

Good News, Good Work and Good Bye

June 26, 2016--On the occasion of the retirement of the church's Office Administrator, Phyllis Mullins, and two weeks after the shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Rev. Adam preaches on the value of proclaiming and being good news in the moment. [ more ]

Here's the Kicker

May 15, 2016--On Pentecost, Rev. Adam preaches about the role of the Holy Spirit as Advocate (Paraclete/Pair o' Cleats) in our lives today. [ more ]

First Followers

May 1, 2016--Rev. Ashley Grant preached a sermon on Acts 16:9-21, considering First Followers of our Confirmands and those First Followers in the Bible.  Who was you First Follower? [ more ]

You Didn't Have To! (a.k.a. "Gladly!")

February 14, 2016-Rev. Adam connects Valentine's Day, taking up one's cross, and a cross-eyed teddy bear in this First Sunday in Lent sermon. [ more ]

We Bring Good News to Life

January 31, 2016--Just before the church's annual meeting, Rev. Adam preaches on Nehemiah 8 and Luke 4, considering how God brings Good News to life through our biblical tradition, us and Jesus. [ more ]

Spirit's Sinew

January 17, 2016--On Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Rev. Adam preaches on 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, using the metaphor of sinew to describe how the Holy Spirit binds us as members of the body of Christ, and as sisters and brothers following in Christ's way of justice, peace and love for all people. [ more ]

The Peaceable Kingdom Anthem

During our annual Christmas Pageant we were blessed to debut "The Peaceable Kingdom," with lyrics by Rev. Ashley Grant, and music by Kendall Aldermann.  Jimmy Jeffrey, soloist. [ more ]

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