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All are welcome at First Church. We are an inclusive community and as part of the United Church of Christ, we affirm the radical welcome and hospitality of our tradition with the affirmation - No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here.

Below is a list of articles to help you get aquainted with our Church. Please contact us if you have any questions we can help with!

From Pastor Adam

Dear Friends in Faith,

On behalf of the leadership and the whole congregation, I welcome you to this website. We hope that we might be the faith community you have been searching for!

As a transplant from the Midwest, I understand the anxiety of seeking out a spiritual home in the midst of relocating... [ more ]

When and Where We Worship

The central event of church is Sunday morning worship. When we are not in a pandemic, we have two worship services, at 8 and 10 AM. For now, we invite you to check out our News & Events page and Be the Church from Home page to find out how we are worshiping in this moment of the pandemic. [ more ]

Introducing Yourselves

During this pandemic, meeting each other requires more work than simply walking into our Sanctuary on a Sunday morning. However, there are a few easy ways to make yourself known to us... [ more ]

Expectations for Worship

The pastors like to say, as is a long-standing United Church of Christ tradition, that "no matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here!" This is true especially in this time of pandemic, when we make efforts to include people no matter their technological or other abilities... [ more ]

Worship-Time Ministries for Children

RIght now, we invite children to worship with us online or if appropriate at our in-person worship opportunities. Outside of pandemic situations, we have nursery care and Sunday school that usually occurs... [ more ]

Is The Church Accessible?

First Church has worked hard to make our historic buildings accessible to the handicapped. Our Meetinghouse/Sanctuary is accessible through the main entrance. Pews at the front of the church have a comfortable area for wheelchairs. Our first floor where the Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, classrooms and nursery are located can be accessed through the riverside entrance ... [ more ]

Worship Space Terms

The simplicity of the Sanctuary, Chapel, and church in general is a result of our iconoclastic Protestant heritage. Iconoclasm is the intense opposition to icons or anything that might vaguely resemble an idol.  When Puritans left England in the early 1600s, it was in part because they gave up on getting the Church of England to be less what they considered Roman Catholic. They worried that the fancy crosses/crucifixes, the statues of saints, and pictures of Jesus, etc., were tempting Christians to worship things rather than God. [ more ]

How Do I Join?

When someone joins the official membership of the church, they promise to commit themselves to be present in worship on a regular basis and to support the spiritual and active mission of the church through time, talent and treasure ... [ more ]

Additional Background

We are both part of a long-standing Protestant tradition and part of a newer and ever renewing expression of Christian faith. The long-standing tradition of our church traces itself back through the Reformation break-off from the Catholic Church 500 years ago and the Puritan tradition that broke off from the Church of England in the 1630s. The people who founded our church traveled to the New World to flee religious persecution ... [ more ]

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