Senior Pilgrim Fellowship

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship (Senior PF) is First Church's open and inviting high school youth ministry and fellowship group (9th-12th graders). As we look to Spring 2022 we are meeting in person (following local, state and church guidance). Adult leadership for this program is provided by our Associate Pastor, Rev. Ashley, and a dynamic team of volunteer Advisors.  We typically meet in the Plymouth Building West Wing, but also meet off site and in our main church. We will keep you posted on locations!

SrPF helps to foster faithful living, supportive community, fellowship and service based on our deep sense that First Church is a safe and welcoming place. Particularly for this program year we are focused on creating a way forward. This goes along with our "Creating" theme!

Check out our schedule, registration, and volunteer opportunities. We intentionally hope to give our youth volunteer opportunities to help them meet their graduation with distinction requirements; plus, these are also chances to practice what we preach! 

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship Schedule -

April 29- Making Soup

April 30- Soup Sale and Plate Sale!

May 1 - Celebrating our Confirmands!!!

May 12 -- SRPF & JPF are finalists for the Mayor's Youth Award!!!

May 15 - Mission Trip Training

May 22-- Can & Bottle Drive, Car Wash & Icre Cream Celebration!

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To contact any of the advisors email:

֍ = Mission Trip Point

 Get Rev. Ashley to sign off on your form.

Check out some of our Activities: Glassblowing! (Make Sure to turn on the sound!)

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Can & Bottle Drive:

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