With its picturesque Congregational architecture and beautiful yet simple worship spaces near the Milford Duck Pond, First Church has long been a popular wedding service location for both members and non-members.

A wedding celebrated in our Sanctuary or Chapel is by definition a Christian wedding.  Such a wedding asks for God’s help and blessing through prayer and reflection on our faith tradition.  Those who attend a wedding here come not only to witness the exchange of vows but also to pray for and pledge their support to a couple in keeping their commitment to each other.

By exchanging wedding vows here, couples declare their intention to be part of the Christian community, and we expect that before couples are married they will attend some worship services at First Church.  It is also our hope and prayer that couples will continue their spiritual journey together by becoming involved in the life of this or another congregation, sharing with us times of joy and sorrow, receiving pastoral support when encountering difficulties, bringing children for baptism and Christian formation.

We therefore ask that couples consider carefully a decision to be married at First Church.

If you are hoping to be married in our church, you must first call the Church Office to inquire about the availability of the church and pastors on the date you hope to be married.

A pastor will respond with a letter or a phone call offering more information.  A deposit may be required to reserve the worship space.  Couples should expect to meet with a pastor at least twice prior to the rehearsal, to meet once with a church musician, and to attend a three-hour Saturday morning Power of Two workshop at the Milford Pastoral Counseling Center.

Our Meeting House sanctuary seats over 500 people.  Our chapel in the Plymouth Building seats 50-60. Our sanctuaries are not air conditioned.

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